Style your personal brand with handwritten fonts

Handwritten fonts are an easy way to add some personality and style to your personal brand. Use them for your logo, website, blog, or social posts! 

You can purchase the above fonts here:

Black Diamond  /  Imogen Agnes  /  Outbound  /  Aura Blue  /  Helena  /  Fresh Script  /  Tuesday Script  /  Northern Soul  /  Lovefern  /  Aerokids


You don't need to be a graphic designer to use cool fonts! A great resource for finding unique handwritten fonts (like all of the ones above) is the Creative Market – most fonts are under $20. You can also search for "free handwritten fonts" within Pinterest for some good suggestions for FREE Fonts. If you want to up your Instagram game, purchasing a handwritten font in a style you love is an easy way to enhance your personal brand.

Here's a trick for creating an Instagram post with a handwritten font. If you don't have Photoshop or Illustrator, you can easily use Word or Powerpoint.

1. Draw a square in any color, or drop in a photo.
2. Draw a text box over the square.
3. With your new font installed, type out a favorite quote or inspirational phrase.
4. Save the file as a PDF, JPG, or take a screenshot.
5. Email the file to yourself, and check your email on your phone.
6. Download the image on your phone & open it in Instagram. Voila!