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Cubs BullPen / A Velvet Clutch / She Plays We Win / Cute Handwritten Font / Think Grow Prosper

What you need to know >>> Aroldis Chapman, Cubs Pitcher, just saved his team Sunday night, in Game 5 of the World Series. He got pulled in from the bullpen early (in the 7th inning) to protect his team’s one run lead. Game 6 is tonight, Tues Nov 1 in Cleveland.

“When Joe Maddon (Cubs manager) walked out to the mound in the seventh inning Sunday night, pointed his left hand to the bullpen, and summoned hell and fire and filth and chaos into the fifth game of the World Series, you felt things. You felt confidence. You felt fear. You felt like you were seeing baseball players pushed to the brink of their abilities, and that something just might snap. You felt like a manager was choosing this moment to make a final stand… When Chapman came in, it meant that the Cubs would push this back to Cleveland for a sixth game, or the Indians would at least have to produce an instant classic to seal the victory. He saved not only the Cubs but the Series itself.” – from ESPN.com, read the full article here.


FONT:  Officially in love with this handwritten font

STYLE: Bring on the velvet. This foldover clutch is on my wishlist.  

INSPIRIE: Rewarding Instagram to follow @thinkgrowprosper 

SHE PLAYS WE WIN: Check out this amazing collaboration between ShePlaysWeWin.com (a passion project by photographer Christin Rose) and Under Armour. Love it because it a) highlights the importance of girls playing sports and b) you never know where your passion project could take you! For inspiring pics, follow along at @sheplayswewin